Find the support you need as a NATSIFACP service provider to transition successfully to the new Aged Care Quality Standards

Previously, the National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Flexible Aged Care Program (NATSIFACP) standards applied to care delivered by NATSIFAC providers (currently administered outside of the Aged Care Act 1997). However, as part of National reforms to the aged care system, the Department of Health developed a new single set of quality standards for all aged care services (including NATSIFACP providers).  These new quality standards now apply from 1 July 2019.

Under this project, Keogh Bay has been funded by the Department of Health to provide training and support services to NATSIFACP providers to support the transition to the new Aged Care Quality Standards. This website includes a range of background information, tools, templates, learning tools, frequently asked questions and contact details that providers can use to ensure that their transition to the new standards is as smooth as possible.

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